Doing some great work around governance and impact analysis? Want to win national recognition and £5,000? Enter now.

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Entries are open for the Charity Governance Awards 2017. These awards recognise and reward good charity governance in the UK.

There are three Improving Impact awards - for different sized organisations - that offer an opportunity to showcase how a charity has increased its impact, and highlight the benefits they have delivered for the community. There are also four other awards focusing on board diversity, turnaround, embracing opportunity and embracing digital.

Preeti Shetty, Head of Upshot at the Football Foundation, said: “Recent news stories and increased media scrutiny into charities' work have served to highlight the importance of effective governance within charities. I also know the importance of transparency and being able to demonstrate the change organisations deliver, through robust evidence. 

The same goes for the 600 organisations that use Upshot to manage, monitor and evidence their work. I'm absolutely delighted to see these awards that focus on this area and seek to recognise those who do it well.I really hope some of the organisations that we work with will take up this fantastic opportunity. Winning would bring recognition and highlight the great work they do, and I'm sure the £5,000 prize could really make a difference”. 

Awards include

1. Improving impact - charities with three paid staff or fewer (including charities with no paid staff)

2. Improving impact - charities with 4–25 paid staff

3. Improving impact - charities with 26 paid staff or more

4. Board diversity and inclusivity

5. Managing turnaround

6. Embracing opportunity and harnessing risk

7. Embracing digital

Winners will be announced at the invite-only free awards ceremony drinks reception on 24 May 2017. Awards were open to UK registered charities and each category offers a £5,000 cash prize.

For more information, please visit the website.

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