Upshot allows the Wheelchair FA to be more efficient in its quantitative and qualitative data collection

Wheelchair FA

Established in 2005, the Wheelchair Football Association (WFA) governs the sport of Powerchair Football in England.  This is a unique sport that engages with participants with a high level of physical impairment that may have never taken part in sporting activity previously.  The WFA are a charity and work together with the Football Association to further develop the sport, clubs and playing opportunities across the country.  The WFA deliver a range of projects, including education courses, recruitment initiatives and competitions.

Monitoring and evaluation of these projects, courses and the participation across the sport is crucial in enabling the WFA to assess our effectiveness. These measurements enable us to better understand our community and where to focus our activity in the future. This helps the WFA ensure a high level of efficiency and impact with our work.

As the WFA are required to monitor and evaluate a number of projects, it is vital we have a fast and efficient method of reporting the impact of each project.  This is why the WFA chose the services of Upshot, to make the monitoring and evaluation process a whole lot easier.

Where the WFA previously had to collate both qualitative and quantitative data into reports manually, Upshot allows its users to input qualitative and quantitative data. The information is collected in a variety of ways whether it be in the form of survey answers, participant registers, information on particular demographics, or background information on individuals - which Upshot then amalgamates in one place.

One feature of Upshot that has been particularly useful to the WFA is the mapping tool:

Upshot has been great, it allows us to really visualise the participation in Powerchair Football nationally and see where the sport is thriving and which areas still require some development. A unique example was using the mapping tool, we began to see that lots of our participants were travelling all the way from Middlesbrough to attend one of our teams in Newcastle. In fact there were so many participants; we worked with the individuals to create a team in Middlesbrough. This new team which was in part created thanks to the insight on Upshot.”

Sam Bull, WFA National Development Manager

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