Cheshire & Warrington Carers Trust

If you are a Carer, Cheshire & Warrington Carers Trust may be able to help make things easier for you. They deliver a wide range of local support services to meet the needs of Carers in our community. These range from support services catered to the Carer, the needs of the person you care for and the services provided by other organisations.

Carers have different needs and Cheshire & Warrington Carers Trust can assist you in information regarding health issues, entitlements, mobility, grants for holidays, equipment and support.  They also offer a wide range of activities, training and events for Carers throughout the year across Cheshire.

"Upshot has been somewhat of a revelation to our organisation in that we now have a central point to store (in real time) key information about carers so that our staff (and that of our subcontractors) can see the carer's situation at a glance online either in the office or out on a visit at a carer's home. Reporting has become super easy compared to how it used to be as we can now pull off statistics at the touch of a button rather than filling out spreadsheets etc.

Our staff are largely part time and work across three sites so to have the information available wherever they are is invaluable to us. Upshot is easy to use and, barring a couple of issues, has been relatively straight forward to roll out to 10 other organisations." 

Fran Pymer, Cheshire and Warrington Community Trust