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Lords Taverners

The Lord's Taverners is the UK's leading youth cricket and disability sports charity, founded in 1950 at the Tavern pub at Lord's Cricket Ground. Supporting some of the most marginalised and at risk young people in the UK, the charity works to enhance lives through sport and recreation, giving young people a sporting chance.

Their mission is to enhance the lives of disadvantaged and disabled young people through sport and recreation and their programmes support some of the most marginalised and at risk young people in the UK.

They also create a range of opportunities for young people from deprived areas and those with disabilities to engage in sport and recreational activities in their local communities

Their outcomes are:

  • Increase opportunities for regular participation
  • Motivate young people to engage in sport
  • Improve health, social and psychological wellbeing
  • Empower volunteers, coaches and teachers to deliver training sessions

"The data management system is very user friendly and it is simple to input, keep track of, link and extract data and reports.  Account users are actively encouraged to contact Upshot first with any questions,  making it easy and time efficient for us to manage. 

The Upshot staff find ways around problems that suit us, making it feel in many ways like we have a bespoke system.  Our main contact always goes the extra mile to ensure we get the best out of the system."

Anna Stogdon, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Lords Taverners