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Premiership Rugby

Premiership Rugby believes they exists to promote the best of club rugby.

They have five core values that are integrated into their culture, behavior and work. They take pride in their commitment to these, and encourage their clubs, stakeholders and partners to share them with them.

  • Competitive:  They strive to be the best in everything they do and to maximize opportunities, so that theircompetitions, programmes and people are world-leading.
  • Progressive: They seek out opportunities to innovate and take considered risks. Taking pride in their challenger mentality and in testing conventional thinking.
  • Respectful: Their commitment to respect and sporting behaviour extends from the pitch into their business.Using their clubs, their performances, their media channels, and their programmes to inspire and develop the sport’s values with players, coaches, volunteers and fans.
  • Inclusive:  They welcome and celebrate diversity, opinion and teamwork. They strive to make our competitions and activities available and enjoyable to as many people as possible in whatever capacity they wish.
  • Professionally excellent: They set the highest standards for their collective and individual performances and commit to delivering excellence on and off the pitch.

"Since adopting Upshot for the 2018/19 season, the team there have been great in helping us build an effective and efficient monitoring system that meets all of our needs, and the needs of our clubs.

From rolling out comprehensive training, to developing project specific guidance and support the team at Upshot have really been on hand at all points to help. 

We look forward to continuing to build on the solid foundations we have laid this year and utilise the system to it's full capacity to provide us with compelling evidence of the impact of our work in the communities that our clubs serve."