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The Young Barnet Foundation

The Young Barnet Foundation (YBF) is a membership movement set up to help grow activities and services for our children and young people.  They believe the children and young people need a safe space to grow and develop into resilient adults.  For this, all children and young people need opportunities for learning and fun, beyond family and formal education, building strong trusted relationships with adults and their peers; leading to broadened networks, increased confidence and valuable life skills. 

They are part of the Young Peoples Foundation (YPF) model, working alongside newly formed Foundations in other London Boroughs and across the country; exciting times. With each foundation offering a new approach to supporting the children and young peoples (CYP) voluntary sector (VCS), there is a chance to help grow youth service delivery and turn the tide in its decline. 

Nationally, a lot of focus is on the larger charities, but there are thousands of smaller charities delivering tremendous work on a local level, however austerity measures are having a real impact on them.  Across the country, year on year expenditure on youth services has been cut, with a 2016 report suggesting a figure of £387,000,000 in the last six years. Consequently, opportunities for children and young people have significantly diminished.

"We find upshot to be easy to use, have a good user interface and be cost effective." - Peter Williamson, The Young Barnet Foundation