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Since 1987, Toonspeak has provided free, high quality drama and theatre activities for young people aged 11-25 living in Glasgow.

They work with professional artists who challenge and inspire young people to create their own performances and manage their own projects – all of their work is young people led and we have 6 places for young people on our voluntary Board of Directors.  they aim to expand young people’s imaginations to help them reach their full potential and to inspire positive change within communities of disadvantage across the city. They ensure that anyone, regardless of experience, ability or personal circumstances can take part.

Their work can be separated into three strands: 

  • Centre Stage
  • Green Room 
  • Front Row. 

Each strand focuses on different ways young people can engage with theatre.

"Having transitioned from a much less refined system we have found Upshot to be a revelation. The ability to devolve completion of registers to our front line staff has saved so much time and has helped us to keep track of our performance in real time. It's an extensive system and we're still just scraping the surface of what it is capable of. It's nice to see it continue to grow and evolve in line with it's users' requirements."

Alan Govan, Toonspeak

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