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Turtle Dove

Turtle Dove Cambridge was created to fill a gap in youth support work. With one specific aim, kate Nation, founded Turtle Dove to improve the future of young women who are or are at risk of becoming unemployed through not having the confidence or experience to seek employment.

This mission was driven by Kate’s first-hand experience in the youth sector where she saw the effects of a system where there are twice as many young women not currently searching for jobs compared to their male peers. She also wanted to create a safe female only space that offers these young women an opportunity to flourish away from the pressure of their male contemporaries, around whom research shows they often don’t perform to the best of their abilities.

By providing them with opportunities in hospitality, working as part of a team and with a defined structure, these young women can gain invaluable life experience. Their team of young women help assist in small-scale events, working on and off site to help ensure the event runs more smoothly and seamlessly. They combine their service with working with various local caterers, other social enterprises as well as supplying our very own vintage china hire.