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YoMo (Young Movers) is Glasgow's North East and North West Youth Empowerment Charity, providing services that empower young people that live across the North East and North West of Glasgow.


Their vision is for young people to shape their future by shaping their community.


Their mission is to enable young people to empower themselves by promoting the following:

  • Human rights
  • Active citizenship
  • Volunteering 
  • Lifelong learning activities

Added Value:

They bring both youth empowerment and human rights perspectives to the achievement of social and economic objectives. Regularly breaking new ground in the field of lifelong learning and youth engagement and championing and promoting the interests of young people and their right to be involved in decision-making processes that impact on their lives.

Our Values: 

  • They are a Youth Lead organisation.
  • They are open to all young people.
  • They communicate clearly.
  • Their Services develop young people by adding to their skills, knowledge and building confidence.

Read more at: www.yomo-online.co.uk/