Glasgow Music Studio - Unearthing musical talent in the heart of Glasgow

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Established in 2010, Glasgow Music Studios is an award winning hive of musical activity. A stone's throw away from Glasgow city centre, the studios provide a platform for people of all ages and abilities to rehearse and record their music. Participants have the opportunity to write their own music, record in a studio and take part in live performances, all alongside the support of high quality recording equipment, experienced tutors and sound engineers. Beyond offering low-cost studio hire for up-and-coming artists, the studios also run a range of community projects.

Over the summer of 2017, the studios opened its doors to Capital XTRA’s Music Potential, a programme designed to tap into musical talent across the country, specifically targeting 18-25s outside employment or further education. Through a multi-phase programme, individuals are exposed to many facets of the music industry, with focus on the business itself as well as the technical and performance disciplines. 

In mid-June, the participants were welcomed to Musical Potential with a bootcamp - an intensive day of events that gave a flavour of what the programme had in store for them. Those who progressed beyond this stage moved quickly into the heart of the programme. Here they received training in production, business, radio, songwriting and performance. Participants had the benefit of group-based endeavours, work experience in the music business and 1:1 mentoring from industry professionals. The culmination of the summer programme came at the end of August with 14 individuals travelling down to London to present a showcase of their work at the world-famous KOKO venue.

As the aim of the programme centres around increasing employability in young adults, the SQA’s Steps to Work Award is run in conjunction with Music Potential. This is designed to fill a gap in the education of vulnerable, disengaged and hard to reach young people. Individuals are encouraged to invest time in an area of personal interest, so that through this they might not only gain practical skills, but also a greater self-awareness and knowledge of their strengths. The award is not designed around assessment, rather the rationale that skills and knowledge can be acquired through activity and experience. As a programme with wide variation and a practical, hands-on approach, Music Potential is an excellent route to gaining this qualification.

Through their use of Upshot, Glasgow Music Studios have charted the progress of all those that have come through their doors from Music Potential, recording each and every session related to the project. Each individual involved with the programme has their own personal profile and as they continue to engage with the work of the studios, we see their individual story develop.

It’s the hard work that goes into delivering projects like these that earnt the Studios their most recent high profile award for ‘Best Community Initiative’ at The Glasgow Awards 2017. No doubt they will continue to see more success moving forward.

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