Local authorities and Upshot

Local authorities & Upshot

Ever since Upshot was launched in 2012, by the Football Foundation, to help monitor grant recipients that were delivering community projects, we’ve always had a strong relationship with local authorities. Early on, we realised that there are several ways local authorities can use Upshot to improve the way they monitor the impact of a variety of programmes. 

There are a number of local authorities based across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which use Upshot. Some use Upshot for their own delivery in areas such as employment, public health, youth services, and sport, while others use Upshot to monitor the impact of their commissioned work.  

Below are some examples of our partnerships with local authorities and how we are helping them manage, monitor and evidence their programmes.   

South Staffordshire Council – Public Health Programme

In 2011, South Staffordshire Council embarked on a £2.5m efficiency drive that saw a move towards changing the way services were delivered. The local authority was looking to save money and find an opportunity to manage their contracts in a way that was more effective and efficient. They needed information to be captured in real time and find easier ways to report back to commissioners. 

Over the past 6 years, South Staffordshire Council has been using Upshot to collect and report on a range of data for their Public Health commissioned work, delivered by more than 20 organisations. This includes having a real-time overview of key performance indicator progress, as well as simple survey capture for key outcomes, such as using the WHO 5 Wellbeing Scale. The organisations delivering the projects and using Upshot vary from gentle exercise, cycling schemes, and exercise referral through to youth and arts organisations, care homes and national charities, such as Age UK.

Mark Jenkinson, who has been using Upshot for more than 6 years, mentioned that: "It’s a lot easier to report back data to commissioners.  Contractors used to submit data on a quarterly basis, but with Upshot the information is captured in real-time, so can go to the commissioner immediately."

Aberdeen City Council – Employment Programme

Aberdeen City Council has been using Upshot to manage, monitor and evidence the impact of its Progress Through Positive Partnerships Employability Project. The PTPPEP is designed to support those people who are among the furthest removed from the labour market and are facing barriers to employment. Upshot’s Index of Multiple Deprivation mapping tools can be used to identify the individuals in need of employment support, as well as, being able to track their journey back into employment. As a result, Upshot will be used to track the support of up to 4,000 people’s journey back into training, education, work or volunteering by December 2020. 

London Borough of Hackney – Sports Programme

Hackney Council started using Upshot back in 2016 when the sports development department realised that they needed to take a new approach to monitor and evidence the impact of its borough-wide sports programmes. Funders, as well as senior management members, wanted to better understand the impact of certain sports in the borough’s aim to become a more physically active London borough. Since the implementation, Upshot has been instrumental in capturing data evidencing various programmes, such as New Age which targets adults above the age of 50 to take part in new sports. Moreover, One You brings Hackney residents from different age groups together to take part in different fitness activities. Hackney Council even uses Upshot to monitor its Staff Fitness programme which offers Hackney Council employees several different sports sessions to get them more physically active. 

Hackney Council uses several features on the system, including the mapping tool to plan and organise the perfect session locations, by analysing various Index of Multiple Deprivation – overlays such as Health and Living Environment to target the right audiences.

Click here to see a map of UK based organisations using Upshot. 

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