Upshot and the DataHub open up new S4D insight to benefit delivery partners

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Upshot is now fully integrated with the DataHub, enabling Upshot users to extract full value from their data. This means that organisations that use Upshot, can share their data in an anonymised and secure way, and are able to use the DataHub to better understand relatively how they are performing at any stage, and then access a range of tools to support grow outcomes and impacts through the simple use of shared data driven intelligence. This includes a Social Value Calculator.

As part of this exciting collaboration, it will be free for Upshot organisations to join the DataHub and access relevant intelligence. 

The DataHub, enables sharing of intelligence on what activities are best at achieving outcomes, based on data received from millions of relevant activities a week - enabling any organisation to take this real-time insight and apply it to their own context to aid decision making. This also includes targeting and then monitoring social value created to align with funding requirements. Initially each organisation will be provided with initial headline benchmark KPIs, relating to participation trends and conversion of participants from high risk areas. This will not require your organisation to do anything as the analysis is fully automated, with the end goal being an online module that each local delivery partner can access directly. 

A fundamental principle of the DataHub is that no delivery partner will ever see another delivery partner’s data and no individual data is ever visible or accessible. The DataHub is technically managed by a company called 4 global, a partner of Upshot.

“We see this as an exciting opportunity for Upshot users to maximise the great data they’ve been collecting. The DataHub is an exciting, sector governed initiative that helps every organisation to better target and track participation outcomes and demonstrate the social value being creating across local communities” said Preeti Shetty, Head of Upshot.

“For too long this sector has been data rich but information poor – for the last four years the DataHub has helped thousands of facility operators know what good looks like and how to apply relevant sector intelligence to local contexts. This has got more people active and enabled each partner to show the community savings generated, supporting further funding. It’s fantastic to see this opportunity opened up for sport for development providers, who are critical in the fight against our inactivity epidemic”. Alex Burrows, Director, 4 global (founding partner of the DataHub).

Upshot will send a formal invitation to delivery organisations in the new year. This will include a link to a Data Use form, which authorises the use of your data within this initiative and means a DataHub account can be setup for free for your organisation (

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