Upshot is excited to supply the performance management software for the UK wide Get Out Get Active programme

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The Get Out Get Active (GOGA) programme, led by the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS), supports the least active disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy taking part in physical activity and sport together.

This innovative programme involves eighteen different geographical areas across Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England running from 2016-2019. It is financially supported by the Spirit of 2012 Trust, which is the London 2012 Olympic Games legacy charity and has invested £4.5 million into the GOGA programme to support more people to lead active and healthier lifestyles.

GOGA’s local partners include a variety of Local Authorities, County Sport Partnerships and National organisations such as London Sport, Active Lincolnshire, Aberdeen and Pembrokeshire councils, Volunteering Matters, Women in Sport, Disability Rights UK, and each of the home country disability sport organisations. These partners offer in-depth local knowledge and national expertise in reaching the least active, and GOGA ensures there is cross geographical learning between the different partners.

Upshot was initially chosen to be the programme’s performance management system to enable EFDS to oversee the success of GOGA within specific localities and across the whole programme. Project managers from the different delivery partners have been successfully trained on the system by Upshot staff to make sure that the system is used to its fullest extent.  As part of the data collection, project managers capture individual participant data, attendance levels, volunteering opportunities and individual behaviour changes through surveys and media collection.

This data collection enables EFDS and its consultancy partner, Wavehill, to monitor and evaluate the programme’s progress and success at any given time and to help partners when support is needed.

Ryan McQuilan, Live Active Northern Ireland Recreation Officer in Armagh, Banbridge and Craivagon comments on his usage: “I’ve been using Upshot to monitor the GOGA programme in our region for the past year and I’ve found that it is extremely beneficial. It makes it easy to add participants, track their attendance and involvement in the programme. I’ve found Upshot to be very reactive which is very useful when tracking current performance against our overall targets. This feature in particular is excellent. Additionally, I’ve found Upshot support staff to be very helpful and always on hand to answer any queries or questions. “     

Kat Southwell, GOGA Programme Manager, added: “Upshot not only provides us with a tool that helps to make data collection more manageable for our partners it has enabled us to maximise what we can do with the data that we’re already collecting – we’re excited to see what this insight can be used for moving forwards. Furthermore, the team at Upshot have been fantastic and always on hand to explore new ideas and work through any challenges faced

Currently, Upshot is used successfully across sixteen different localities on the programme and the numbers show that approximately 4,000 individuals have engaged in more than 1,300 sessions, with more than 200 volunteers. 

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