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Bulldog BCA

The Bulldogs has been formed to use the power of boxing as a tool to give the next generation of young people from Port Talbot and it’s surrounding areas a fighting chance in life. 

Their primary focus is to provide a launch pad to create a better future for disadvantaged young people (aged 7 – 30) by improving their life skills through the a 5 Pillars methodology using the tools of boxing & non-contact techniques to create transferrable employability and key life skills.

“After  period of rapid growth, Bulldogs identified one of our weaknesses to be our data monitoring and evidence recording. Whilst we knew how good the work was that we were doing, we had nothing to back this up or  to evidence this to others and importantly, to our funders. The introduction of Upshot will be invaluable to us in moving forward to help grow our organisation.”

Sian Ridd, Project Manager

Read more at: www.bulldogsbca.org