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St Stephen's Neighbourhood Centre

By working with the local community, Local Authority and other organisations they provide facilities to give everyone the opportunity to realise their talents and potential in order to create, together, a vibrant community for the common good.

Mission Implementation:

They have set out a realistic Mission Statement which provides their aims and objectives going forward whilst maintaining the History and inspiration of the St Stephens Community.

  • Encourage Partnership working
  • Expand user involvement
  • Raise self-esteem and social inclusion
  • Act as advocates for our community
  • Listen to our community to identify our needs
  • Encourage diversity of groups
  • Encourage volunteers to develop their skills
  • Ensure continued monitoring and evaluation of our work.

"We have found that Upshot enables us to closely monitor our major projects so that we can give meaningful feedback to our Funders. It helps us to see how many hours it takes to run a project and the contribution our Volunteers make tp our success. All of this is done in real time and saves us many hours of filling paper forms, drafted adhoc, for each new project. A huge time saver and professional results."

Diane Thompson, St Stephen's Neighbourhood Centre

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