The Boiler House Community Space

The Boiler House Community Space is a small community charity based in the George Downing Estate. It was set up by two local residents eager to develop the under used community centre. They took over the building in 2010 and ran it as a Social enterprise, the organisation has since grown and now trades as a charity that currently manages two community buildings within estates in Hackney, offering various activities, courses, events, rehearsal space and general hire for the local community at affordable rates.

The charity also delivers various projects focusing on community engagement/ development with an aim to create happier and healthier communities.

"We have found the support provided by Upshot to be amazing, they always have time to talk over the phone or in person.  As an organisation it has taken us a while to get use to using a database and Upshot have been very patient during this process. We have found Upshot to be very user friendly and anything complicated the support team are there to sort it for you!  

We particularly like the reporting and syncing with our Theory of change outputs, this has really helped us stay on track and become a more focused team. 

The individual case studies are really good for detailing social impact and a quick reference to see if/ what people have taken part in also helps with our project design and feedback to funders." 

Read more at: www.n16boilerhouse.com