Top 5 tips for using Upshot on the go

1. Grid

The sessions grid view is the ultimate time-saver! Got a spare 5 minutes on your commute? Log into Upshot and submit multiple registers in seconds. Think of this like a big register tick sheet, simply tick or leave blank to say whether individuals attended certain sessions and add extra people to the register if needed. 

2. Phone

Most people own a personal or work smart phone. They can simply log in to Upshot on this and use all the features as normal, meaning you can access Upshot wherever you are without having to carry a laptop or tablet. This means you can use it out and about while delivering sessions, completing your registers there and then! You can also upload media straight from your phone to your account.

3. Tablet

Similarly you can use Upshot on all major tablet devices. Again log into Upshot and use all the features while on the go rather than waiting to complete back in the office/classroom/community centre. This runs off both mobile date and Wifi and gives you a bigger screen than your average phone to work off!  

4. App

We have recently launched an Upshot Survey App for Android devices to complete surveys online or offline. Setup the survey beforehand and then when out on location use the App on your Phone/Tablet. If you have no Wifi no problem, you can still enter the results, and these will upload automatically to your account when you’re back online. 

Do get in touch with the team if you think this would be of benefit to your organisation and we’ll talk you through the next steps. 

5. Mobile Site

There is also a mobile version of the site, accessible on any device by going to This limited version of Upshot only allows you to edit and submit registers you have set up on beforehand on the system, think of it as a quick register sheet, like school days!

Save a draft register for an upcoming session, simply log in and pick the relevant session. Simply Submit the register or remove people that did not attend. If you need more functionality there is always the link to take you to main Upshot site.