Our Story

The Upshot system started in 2012 inside the Football Foundation - the Premier League, The FA and the UK Government’s charity in. Upshot Systems CIC then became an independent social enterprise in 2021 with social purpose locked into our constitution. The Foundation initially built the system based on their own needs and understanding of the sector and decided to make it available to other organisations around the world through a social enterprise model. After eight years of growth, we were big enough to branch out and become a wholly independent Community Interest Company.

About us
About us


We are inclusive.
We build on the diversity of our team to meet the needs of our wide variety of users. 

We are enablers.
We support each other and our community by sharing our tools, knowledge and skills.

We are learners.
We listen, we embrace challenges and we strive to improve. 

We are partners. 
We collaborate with others to affect change in society.

We are accountable. 
We empower ourselves and others to take responsibility, developing trusted relationships.

We are honest. 
We conduct our work with integrity and transparency.

Meet the Team!

Meet our dedicated team members and learn more about who we are.

Creating Upshot

As a funder, the Foundation wanted to get data in real-time to understand what was working, and more importantly, what wasn’t. This would enable the Foundation to celebrate successes and learn from mistakes.

When developing Upshot there was a clear need and desire to embrace digital and take inspiration from cutting-edge technology to ensure the System would be giving value back to the people delivering on the ground so they could focus on what they do best.

After a lengthy consultation period with hundreds of other funders, deliverers, coaches and volunteers, Upshot was built - to not only meet internal needs, but the needs of those delivering and funding.


We’re a social enterprise 

As a system built by a charity, for charities, we understand the difficulties that the third sector faces and the complex issues it is trying to solve. While our sector realises the value of data and evidence, it is also time consuming, burdensome and expensive.

As of March 2021, Upshot is a fully registered Community Interest Company. We charge an annual subscription fee, but all profits re-invested back into product improvements and the community, this is to ensure we continue to innovate.


Want to measure your impact?

We would be happy to show you Upshot, and see if the system can help you with your monitoring, evaluation and learning needs.