Our Story

The Football Foundation - the Premier League, The FA and the UK Government’s charity is a unique partnership that enables the key partners to come together around a shared vision.  As a funder ourselves, the Football Foundation wanted to understand the impact of our investment into projects around the country and put outcomes at the heart of everything we were doing. We wanted to understand the numbers of people we were reaching, but more importantly, we wanted to understand the difference we were making to their lives.

Two young children watching the game from outside the fence
Two young children watching the game from outside the fence

Creating Upshot

We wanted to get data in real-time to understand what was working, and more importantly, what wasn’t so we could celebrate successes and learn from our mistakes. 

We also wanted to embrace digital and take inspiration from cutting-edge technology to ensure that we were giving value back to the people delivering on the ground so they could focus on what they do best. 

After a lengthy consultation period with hundreds of other funders, deliverers, coaches and volunteers, we built Upshot - to not only meet our needs, but the needs of those delivering and funding.


We’re a social enterprise 

As a system built by a charity, for charities, we understand the difficulties that the third sector faces and the complex issues it is trying to solve. While our sector realises the value of data and evidence, it is also time consuming, burdensome and expensive.

In 2012, we decided to make Upshot available outside of the Foundation and support the wider sector to collect their data and measure their impact. We charge an annual subscription fee, but all profits go directly back into the Foundation which helps us to keep improving and enhancing Upshot based on user feedback. 


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Other Football Foundation tools

The Football Foundation is well known for its use of digital and technology and has also built a variety of other integrated tools that allow us to plan our investment, measure our success and tell the stories of our impact.


Want to measure your impact?

We would be happy to show you Upshot, and see if the system can help you with your monitoring, evaluation and learning needs.