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COVID-19 Update

Like many of you in this current crisis, here at Upshot we are adjusting the way we work. The safety of our team is our priority as we closely monitor Government and Public Health England guidance, to this ever changing situation. 

In order to avoid non-essential travel, the whole Upshot team is working from home. However, it's mainly business as usual at our end. We have policies and practices in place to enable this so we can continue working effectively with our organisations and partners.

Please contact us by email or on our support line 020 7842 8899.

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Upshot is an online system which helps funders and deliverers across the third sector better manage their data, improve performance, track progress, and report against outcomes - all with the aim of evaluating their impact.

Where it began

Upshot was launched in 2012 by the Football Foundation to enable consistent and insightful reporting for funders and deliverers alike. As the UK’s largest sports charity, the Football Foundation built the system based on our own needs and understanding of the sector, and has since made it available to third sector organisations around the world.

Who we work with

Today, more than 800 public and not-for-profit organisations across the third sector are using Upshot to manage, monitor and evidence their programmes.

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If you’ve just received a grant, and you want to be confident with how you report back to your funder and board, Upshot can help.

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