Community groups

Keep track of services at the heart of your community

Senior citizens engaging in a friendly game of table tennis
Senior citizens engaging in a friendly game of table tennis

Upshot supports grassroots action

Up and down the country, community groups promote social cohesion by bringing people together to take collective action and generate solutions to shared problems in their area. 

Economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing often evolves from this type of collective action being taken at a grassroots level - through social activities, events and festivals.


Record milestones

Use Upshot timelines to record milestones and achievements of participants.

Survey attendees

Survey attendees

Conduct surveys through Upshot to assess attitude shifts in local communities.

Monitor engagement

Monitor engagement

Take registers to report against demographics, sessions delivered and services offered.

Who we work with

“We have found that Upshot enables us to closely monitor our major projects so that we can give meaningful feedback to our Funders.

It helps us to see how many hours it takes to run a project and the contribution our Volunteers make to our success. We are also able to capture those timelines for our younger members that show how much they have progressed, a game changer.

All of this is done in real time and saves us many hours of filling paper forms, drafted ad-hoc, for each new project. A huge time saver and professional results."

Diane Thompson, Trustee & Treasurer, St Stephen's Neighbourhood Centre 

Let Upshot work for you

If you’re a community group that’s looking for a way to better monitor, evaluate and learn, Upshot can help. Get in touch today for an individually tailored quote.