Employment services

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Children in a science class
Children in a science class

Upshot supports you to track personal journeys

Employment services are provided by charities, local authorities and education providers. Often seen as supplementary services to established education, organisations offer both practical support (CV and application writing) as well as services to improve soft skills such as public speaking and assertiveness.


Record qualifications

Use Upshot registers and timelines to record accredited courses delivered and qualifications gained.


Monitor Employability

Use Upshot timelines and surveys to monitor changes in employability skills.


Track Participation

Use Upshot registers to collect engagement levels in support services.

Who we work with

“The fact that we can log-in anywhere, on any device and easily track a person’s journey through our programmes, makes our job so much simpler and it’s very well suited for youth and education programmes."

“The Upshot team are very friendly, easy to work with and do their best to solve any issues quickly. The training and maintenance support provided has been invaluable. The system is constantly updated and improved which means new features are always available. Work smarter not harder!" 


Jamie Maze, Futures Project Manager at Belfast Metropolitan College 

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If you’re an employment service that’s looking for a way to better monitor, evaluate and learn, Upshot can help. Get in touch today for an individually tailored quote.