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Supporting local authorities with commissioning and delivery.

Children say in assembly
Children say in assembly

Simplify and streamline your data reporting with Upshot

There are hundreds of local authorities across the UK which play a very important role in providing or commissioning essential services to citizens.


Manage          participation

Manage participation

Report on registration and sessional information to look at participation.

Monitor commissioning

Monitor commissioning

Use Upshot indicators to monitor success against KPIs.


Track community development

Use Upshot services to look at the impact of services.

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"It's a lot easier to report back data to commissioners. Contractors used to submit data on a quarterly basis, but with Upshot the information is captured in real-time, so can go to the commissoner immediately."

Mark Jenkinson, Assistant Director Community Services at South Staffordshire Council

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If you’re a local authority that’s looking for a way to better monitor, evaluate and learn, Upshot can help. Get in touch today for an individually tailored quote.