Upshot now working with over 1000 organisations!

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Since 2012, Upshot has been dedicated to improving the effectiveness of impact measurement for both small and large organisations. Just a little under 10 years later we are very proud to say that we are now working with over 1000 organisations, throughout a wide variety of sectors, across a number of different countries. We pride ourselves on caring deeply for all of our organisations to ensure that each of them receives the best service and has the best experience on our system.

Over the years we have expanded geographically, now working with organisations across the whole of the UK such as Glasgow Life, Impelo in the heart of Wales, Youth Link Northern Ireland and The Rank Foundation, as well as organisations across Europe for example with the European Football for Development Network (EFDN), and worldwide NGOs such as OSCAR Foundation and Fight For Peace.

We appreciate this achievement and are thankful to everyone who has been involved in our journey so far. You only need to look below this to see just a glimpse of how we have helped so many amazing organisations measure and show their impact! 

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