User Satisfaction Survey 2022

Earlier this year we conducted the annual Upshot User Satisfaction Survey which was sent to just under 4000 users of the system... 

Our User Survey acts as an incredibly important piece of feedback for us as an organisation. Systems are constantly evolving and developing, and the Upshot system is no different. Feedback on our tool from our users, those who rely and work on the system day-to-day is invaluable and helps us shape our development roadmap, tweak processes and constantly improve to meet changing and growing demands. 

In previous years we have communicated our results back to our user base, highlighting our strengths, acknowledging weakness' and giving a few examples of quotes and testimonials we received from the survey. 

This year we want to do things a little differently. 

We champion transparency in data and have decided to go public with our results. We want users to query our survey data themselves, rather than rely on us drip-feeding snippets of information. We talk a lot about the importance of learning - this includes replicating and building on best practice as well as learning from and understanding failure - the often scary #FWord. 

As part of our commitment to transparent impact reporting, we have developed our first public and interactive survey dashboard. On this dashboard, users can query results across our userbase. Data can be queried from specific sectors and feedback can be explored based on the day-to-day roles of our users.

Please find our interactive dashboard below...