Upshot Systems CIC - Meet the Directors

Introducing our Non-Executive Directors


In March 2021, Upshot Systems CIC was launched as a standalone social enterprise. After 8 years of support from the Football Foundation, this step especially in such uncertain times was a challenging one – but it was made easier by the support of our new board of directors. Here we get to know the individuals who have brought their experience and fresh perspectives to the Upshot team. 

First up is Simon Turner, basketball coach turned social entrepreneur, founder of MVMT Sports, a mission-driven business for people who believe sport should be a movement for good (not bad). Simon is also co-founder of The Crags Centre in Edinburgh. Originally from New Zealand, he is a leading voice on combining sport and business for social change.

Here Simon shares his journey so far and what has inspired him to get involved. He also explains why Upshot becoming a social enterprise with an asset lock is so important to the sector as a whole. 


In the second of our Meet the Directors interviews we get to know Marion Vayson de Pradenne, who worked for KPMG for over 12 years as a senior audit manager. Marion came to London from Paris to help create the strategy for the Association Football Development Programme (AFDP) Global – an empowering programme which aims to transform communities through football. 

She has a passion for entrepreneurship allied to a social campaigning outlook – all built on a foundation of business excellence.