''Upshot is intuitive and cost-effective'' - The Young Barnet Foundation and Upshot

The Young Barnet Foundation is a membership movement set up in the borough of Barnet to provide and help grow facilities for children and young people. They are part of the Young People’s Foundation (YPF) model and work alongside other newly formed Foundations in West and North London Boroughs across the country. The Young Barnet Foundation works with a whole host of smaller charities and provides them support in the fantastic work they are doing on a local level. This ranges from raising funds for the charities to improving their monitoring and evaluation through data capture: this is where our partnership with the Young Barnet Foundation stems from, dating back to November 2017.

Peter Williamson, Operations Manager at the Young Barnet Foundation has described Upshot as being, 

“intuitive, cost-effective and a really good way of saving time in collating all of your information in one place and letting the tool create the data and the outcomes that organisations need to apply for more funding and allow them to grow their services.”

Within the Young Barnet Foundation, there are currently 10 live member accounts that are set up – a number that is always growing! Each member organisation has their own delivery account, which means they can adapt the system to their needs, keep track of their attendee database, and run their own organisational reports. This can then be used to help the smaller charities in their bid to apply for more funding, evidence the great work they are doing on the ground through improved reporting and spend more time planning and running sessions. Meanwhile, Young Barnet Foundation has access to an overarching facilitator account, which allows them collate statistics about the youth work being delivered across the borough and make the joint case for further investment into the area. For example, the Foundation have been able to put together State of the Sector reports for Barnet Council to show them what their organisations are doing and the positive impact they are having on the local community.

Youth Realities is one example of a member organisation that uses Upshot on a daily basis. Youth Realities is a youth-led organisation that tackles teenage relationship abuse by addressing the root causes creatively and compassionately. They use Upshot to monitor the levels of attendance at their sessions, any safe-guarding issues and general overview of the activities in their community and in-school programmes. Talia Kensit, Director at Youth Realities has been very complimentary of the impact Upshot has had on their organisation and explained how Upshot has, 

“simplified reporting methods, made it a lot easier to look over reports and numbers and helped codify that into one simple document.”

Moreover, Colindale Communities Trust, another member organisation of the Young Barnet Foundation, have outlined in  the video below how they have used Upshot to help them put together a health and well-being survey. This survey enabled the Trust to explore the difference the physical and social activity sessions they have put on, in their local area, has had on the participants and the positive effects they are having. Furthermore, it has allowed them to see what sessions are working best and the sessions they need to have more of. Finally it helped with their funding bids as they have the evidence base behind their work to back up their request for more funding. 

As mentioned in the paragraph above, the video accompanying this article outlines the brilliant partnership and relationship between Upshot and the Young Barnet Foundation. It emphasises the fantastic work the Foundation and all its member organisations are doing across the Borough and the long-lasting positive impact they are having on the lives of the children and young people. 

The video can be found here.

If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more, please contact us on 020 7842 8899 or info@upshot.org.uk.