Upshot Open Training Sessions

Develop your learning from the comfort of your own home! 

There are now 5 different online Upshot Open Training sessions to choose from, and registrations for the first round are now open...

The Open Training sessions are hosted by one of Upshot's friendly support team members, experts on the system! You will learn by doing - trying out the different functions in a supportive environment, where questions are welcome throughout.

This series is an opportunity for existing staff members to have a refresher on how to use the System, or for any new-starters who will be using Upshot day-to-day. Each session is priced at £49.50 per registration. 

The sessions cover a range of areas such as:

Monitoring – Adding attendees, activities, sessions and registers.
Evaluation – Adding timeline events to track a participant’s journey and completing surveys to measure impact.
Learning – Reporting on existing data through Upshot as well as taking data into Excel for further analysis.

All online sessions are hosted on Microsoft Teams and bookings managed through Eventbrite. Any questions or if you would like more information please contact us via or call us on 020 3111 1455.

Open training graphic
Open training graphic

Monitoring - Adding participants, Activities, Sessions and Registers

Keep your data flowing! 

During this interactive online session, we enable you learn how to collect and manage your attendee and session data on the system. 
This session is suitable for users who are brand new to Upshot and existing users who require a refresher on the monitoring elements of the system.

What you’ll learn

  • How to add attendees, asking the questions that evidence your reach.
  • Creating activities and sessions to record what has been delivered.
  • Submitting registers to confirm attendance.


Evidence - Timeline Events, Surveys and Media 

Evidence your impact!

During this interactive, online session, we enable you show your impact using the evidence-based features on Upshot. This session is suitable for users who are brand new to Upshot and existing users who require a refresher on the monitoring elements of the system.

What you’ll learn

  • Adding milestones to attendees in the form of timeline events to show distance travelled.
  • How to create and send surveys which will provide opportunities to hear directly from your participants.
  • Uploading media to illustrate the great work you are delivering. 


Learning - Reporting (on-system)

Tell your story!

During this interactive session, we guide you through the different reporting tools available on Upshot which will evidence your work. This session is suitable for users who are brand new to Upshot and responsible for reporting, and existing users who require a refresher on running reports on the system.

What you'll learn

  • How to create Measured & Evidenced Indicators keeping track of your projects.
  • Reporting on People, Statistics, Attendance and Timeline events - bringing all your work together.
  • Map feature - including the use of overlays to show your reach in relation to the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) and other data sets.


System Admin Training

Empowering your Upshot System Admin(s)!

During this interactive session we look to empower your system admin who can manage specific aspects of your account.

What you’ll learn

  • Adding new users for your organisation and managing permissions
  • Creating and managing attendee fields and timeline events
  • Managing your registration form, attendee sign up form and bulk importing attendees
  • Archiving and pseudonymising attendees


Learning - Reporting (off-system)

Upshot aims to provide as much comprehensive and useful reporting on the system as possible. However, we are aware that, due to the nature of having many different organisations using the system, with many different requirements, there will always be cases where the best way to explore and analyse your data is off the system. It is for this reason that all your data is exportable to Excel. However, we also know that not everyone is confident in using Excel. We want to ensure that all of our users have the opportunity to make the most out of the data they record on Upshot. Equally, for those who have some experience using the software, we want to allow them to take the next step into gaining value from their data.

This session will be for you if you have a basic use understanding of Microsoft Excel but aren’t confident in manipulating data exports from Upshot.

  • Creating tables in Excel
  • Filtering and sorting your data
  • Formatting your data
  • Basic formulas to combine data, test for TRUE/FALSE, Subtraction, addition, division and multiplication
  • Nesting formulas
  • IF formula
  • An introduction to Pivot tables
  • An introduction to Pivot charts