Upshot Community Webinar Series

We have been delighted with the response to our Upshot Community Webinar Series so far. The third webinar took place on Thursday 21st May - 'Improved Attendee Privacy'. Please take some time to watch it, below:

Webinar 3 - Improved Attendee Privacy

Webinar 2 - Participant Journeys with Upshot's Timeline Events feature

Webinar 1 - Using Upshot for COVID-19 response work

I thought the webinar was great, really informative, well organised and the chats were good too as a bonus! Looking forward to the next one. Oooh also 30 mins seems the perfect amount of time too. Thank you!


The next Upshot Community Webinar is on Thursday 4th June at 10.30 – 11am. We will be focusing on 'Data to Insight: Reporting - Part 1'

An invitation to register for these webinars will be sent to all Upshot users a week before each delivery. 

If you are new to Upshot and would like a demo of the full system please contact us on