It’s here – the Upshot Mobile App is live!

We are pleased to announce that the Upshot Mobile App is now available and free to use for existing users.

Available on any device; simply click the button below and then add this link to your home screen.

The Upshot Mobile App enables you to manage and submit your registers quickly and easily, providing users with an improved and streamlined view to help you manage your Upshot on the go. 

With a mobile-friendly interface, users can add new attendees and quickly review key information on existing participants such as medical conditions, emergency contacts and consent to media

Based on user feedback, we know it is more important than ever for users to save time on admin and data entry so they can concentrate on what matters most – delivering! 

The Upshot Mobile App has been developed with that focus in mind, speeding up your data entry. This is part of our ongoing commitment to make monitoring and evaluating your data as easy as possible for you and your teams.

Developed as a Progressive Web App (PWA), updates to the App download automatically plus the Upshot Mobile App only takes up a tiny amount of storage space on your device. As a PWA, you will not find the Upshot Mobile App on the App or Google Play store.

To access, go to or click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Upshot Mobile App?

Who can use the Upshot Mobile App?

  • The App is aimed at Upshot data entry users, so to access the App users must have either the Session Registrar or Team Manager roles. Users can use the App to add new participants and take registers quickly and easily while out at a session. Users can always switch to the main site through the App if needed.

Does the App synchronize automatically with the main site?

  • Yes, the App synchronizes automatically so you can capture and input data in real time.
  • Please do get in touch with if you have any additional questions.