For Deliverers

Upshot makes the monitoring and evaluation of your programmes simpler, giving you more time to concentrate on delivering your work.

someone holding a small ball
someone holding a small ball

Using Upshot will help you to collect better data about your activities and attendees.


Track personal and project progress against key performance indicators, and ultimately prove the impact that your organisation is having on the participants you work with and the communities you serve.


Whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, it’s simple to manage your data and keep your programmes on track with Upshot. Collect information about your participants, record sessional and activity data in one place, and stay up to date with real-time information.


Set your own defined measures of success, and track your progress live against these targets with Upshot. Follow the progression, milestones hit and individual achievements of your participants, and easily demonstrate how this all feeds in to deliver against your own outcomes and those of your funders.


Use Upshot to demonstrate impact through built-in reporting tools to show the power of your programmes. Survey participants to measure change, create case studies to show compelling individual stories - as well as running programme reports for your funders and stakeholders.

Putting outcomes at the heart of what you do

As an organisation, it’s likely that you’ll have outcomes that you’re working towards. This is where Upshot can help. Designed with these outcomes in mind, the system will enable you to map your activities, indicators and other evidence to the outcomes you’re aiming for - ultimately helping you prove the impact of your work. 

A young adult reading lines in a recording studio
A young adult reading lines in a recording studio

Whether you have an outcomes framework in place or just an idea of what you want to achieve, Upshot will help you to focus your approach to monitoring, evaluating and learning through a configuration process that puts your outcomes at the heart of your organisation’s growth.

Upshot can help you correlate the activities you deliver, the achieved milestones and your success indicators to the outcomes you’ve set, making it quick and easy to demonstrate organisational impact.

What’s more, you can feed these outcomes into wider strategies you’re contributing towards, allowing you to see the role you’re playing in your local, national or international communities.

people planting new plants

For funders

With Upshot, the funding bodies can see how the programmes and organisations they facilitate are progressing from an overarching viewing and reporting platform.

Happy child doing school work

Who we work with

There are currently more than 850 organisations using Upshot across a wide range of sectors. These  include sport and non-sport charities, NGB’s, schools and universities, community groups, local authorities, housing associations and social prescribing services.


How pricing works

Our pricing depends on your specific requirements, your turnover as an organisation or programme budget, and the sector you operate in. Contact us for your individually tailored quote.