For Funders

If you are a funding organisation looking for consistent evidence to show the impact of your programmes, Upshot provides a funder’s view across deliverers and projects.

A sports spokesperson addressing an audience
A sports spokesperson addressing an audience


This is where Upshot can help

As a real-time monitoring and evaluation system, you’ll be able to view and analyse the live data and information collected by the organisations you fund. Your deliverers can have exclusive access to their own bespoke Upshot account with all the data feeding into an overarching Funding Account. Deliverers can be trained by us and support will be provided throughout the duration of the programme to both the Funder(s) and the deliverer.


Upshot gives you a birds-eye view of your programmes, as well as the functionality to dive into the details. Keep your programmes on track, set targets for yourself and the organisations you fund, and manage your funding in a way that works best for your organisation.


Whether you need top-level or granular detail, Upshot can provide the reports you need. Whether there’s an element to address or a success to celebrate, funders can create bespoke reporting templates to monitor grantee information with total ease.


Upshot will enable you to see how programmes and organisations are working towards your strategies and outcomes through a real-time feed of quantitative and qualitative data. It’s your one-stop data shop for uploaded evidence, demographic data, survey responses and more. 

Putting outcomes at the heart of what you do

From whatever stage of the impact journey yourself or your deliverers are on; whether you have a detailed theory of change in place, or a set of objectives for your grants, or are just getting started... Upshot helps you Monitor and Evaluate the impact of your funding against a set of core aims by placing outcomes at the heart of measurement processes.

A table tennis team posing for a photo shoot
A table tennis team posing for a photo shoot

Align your outcomes to activities delivered by grantees, and record milestones that are achieved by their participants to show the indicators of success. Upshot also gives your grantees the flexibility and space to work on their own objectives too. As a funder, you can continue to map your outcomes into the wider strategies that you are contributing to, helping you see the role you are playing locally, nationally or internationally.

An aerial view of a sports facilityTime is precious. From the big picture to detailed analysis, Upshot makes it easy to view and

For deliverers

Time is precious. From the big picture to detailed analysis, Upshot makes it easy to view and analyse live data, giving your grantees more time to concentrate on doing what they do best. Because we are designed for both funders and deliverers at any stage of the impact journey, your grantees will be given individual support, helping them to understand their data and why this is important for them as well as you. 

Who we work with

Upshot works with many large funding organisations; including the Football Foundation, The FA, Sport England, Premiership Rugby, The Rank Foundation, The Young Foundations, local authorities and commissioning bodies among many others.


Embrace Upshot

Just as no two funding organisations are exactly the same,  we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. 

If you are a grant-making body looking to improve the monitoring and evaluation of your grants, Upshot can work for you, exactly as you need it - and our dedicated team will be able to put together an individually tailored quote for you.