Top 5 Tips for using Upshot 'on-the-go'

We all enjoy the flexibility and ease of working “on the go”. Upshot can be accessed on your phone or any device, making collecting data quick, easy and a true reflection of what’s happening in real-time. Now with the Upshot Mobile App – taking registers has never been easier! 

Upshot was built with a busy person delivering a session in mind - replacing paper with simple digital ways to capture data on your participants and their activities. 

1. Upshot Mobile App
The Upshot Mobile App is live! The App is a slimmed down version of Upshot which is ideal to help users manage and submit registers in a faster and easier way. In addition, users will be able to add new attendees and review the information on participants such as medical conditions, emergency contact and consent to media in a convenient way, while directly at the session. Users can always switch to the main site when needed.

To access, simply go to and then add this link to your home screen, no need to visit the App store to download.  

For more information click here.

2. Phone & Tablet
You can also use your smart phone or tablet device to access the full functionality of Upshot. Simply log in to Upshot on a browser on your device and use all the features as normal, benefitting from the device optimized layout. This means you can use any device to manage your Upshot wherever you are there and then.

3. Grid
The sessions grid view is the ultimate time-saver! Got a spare 5 minutes on your commute? Log into Upshot and submit multiple registers in seconds. Think of this like a big register tick sheet, simply tick or leave blank to say whether individuals attended certain sessions and add extra people to the register if needed. 

4. Upshot Survey App
We also have an Upshot Survey App for iOS and Android devices to complete surveys online or offline. Setup the survey beforehand and then when out on location use the App on your Phone/Tablet. If you have no Wifi no problem, you can still enter the results, and these will upload automatically to your account when you’re back online. 

Do get in touch with the team if you think this would be of benefit to your organisation and we will talk you through the next steps. 

5. Attendee Sign up Form
We know from experience that organisations want to go digital and remove their paper trail; registration forms are often the first-place people want to start. Ideally, you do not want to take paper forms out to sessions, then manually add all the details later. Instead, use the external Attendee Sign up form! The form generates a link that can be sent directly to potential participants or placed on your website for people to register in advance, which takes the registration process completely away from the session - win!

It may not always be possible for a participant to register beforehand, not a problem, share the attendee sign up form link there and then with the individual and they can open on their device and complete. Alternatively set the link up on a device for individuals to take turns to complete at the start of the session. Another great way to manage your Upshot on the go.