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Upshot is an online system which helps funders and deliverers across the third sector better manage their data, improve performance, track progress, and report against outcomes - all with the aim of evaluating their impact.

Where it began

Since 2021, Upshot is run by a non-profit social enterprise - Upshot Systems CIC. The system was initially launched in 2012 by The Football Foundation. The Foundation initially built the system based on their own needs and understanding of the sector and decided to make it available to other organisations around the world through a social enterprise model. After eight years of growth, we were big enough to branch out and become a wholly independent Community Interest Company.

Who we work with

Today, more than 1000 public and not-for-profit organisations across the third sector are using Upshot to manage, monitor and evidence their programmes.

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If you’ve just received a grant, and you want to be confident with how you report back to your funder and board, Upshot can help.

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