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Copenhagen Youth Project

CYP is a unique youth project working in partnership with young people to create and sustain a positive youth culture that inspires children and young people to plan, initiate and lead their own projects. 

Through Sports, Arts, Mentoring and Culture, CYP engage and progress children and young people providing education, training and support helping to raise achievement and levels of aspiration.

One of the main benefits for CYP using Upshot is that our sessional youth workers can access the programme from anywhere (using mobile, computer, android etc) to log their sessional information without having to fill out paper registers, this saves a lot of time. I have been using Upshot for just over two years now and continue  to learn more about the site and how to use it more easily with the help of the support team, not just my benefit but for anyone else here at CYP who needs to use it.

Natalie Fowler, Data Input Officer

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