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Fuse Youth Café Glasgow is a charity working in East Glasgow providing a variety of services to young people of the area. 

The area has a high level of deprivation and the young people face the risks and challenges associated with areas of high deprivation. Fuse offers a safe place for young people with a café area, gig space and internet café. 

"Upshot allows us to track hard stats such as attendance, volunteer hours, number of training sessions and awards achieved as well as the softer outcomes such as increased confidence and social skills. 

The system allows us to build individual profiles on each person we work with which over time reflects the impact the work we do has on young people, families and communities. Over and above this the system allows us to create outcomes and targets by funder so we can monitor our progress and ensure we are in the best position to do what we set out to. This is now transforming the way that we work so we can ensure we identify and respond to the needs of our community. "

Lisa-Marie Jamieson, Fuse Progressions Worker

Read more at: www.fuseonline.org.uk