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Lionheart In The Community

LionHeart In The Community (LITC), is a pioneering social enterprise committed to building a network of motivated, empowered and highly-skilled young people. Their dedicated team of advisers, tutors and mentors have provided life changing services to over 2,000 young people since 2009. Their main aim is to ensure that young people are empowered, ready to take the next step in their careers, and encouraged to participate in their community through activities such as Apprenticeships, Volunteering, Active Citizenship, Youth Mobility and sport.

"Upshot has been a progressive change in terms of data recording, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. It has given us the opportunity to see impact amongst a number of projects, to ensure all outcomes are being met and to expand a network of partners and organisations working similarly.”

Playne Kensington, International Programme Manager

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