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National Resource Centre for Supplementary

Community-led supplementary schools operate out-of-school hours to provide teaching in core curriculum subjects, such as maths, English, sciences and languages. They also develop children's knowledge of their culture and heritage.

"Here at NRCSE we manage small grants programmes for 26 supplementary schools teaching English and maths. Collecting weekly evidence of pupil attendance, achievements and progress will facilitate our monitoring of these grants massively and we believe that UpShot is the tool to this. 

We have seen other supplementary schools in Kensington & Chelsea using the system confidently and with a good understanding of how they can use data to target their funding applications and raise awareness of the good work they are doing. We are hopeful, therefore, that this confidence can spread over to more schools enabling them to grow independently and extend their provision to more children in need of learning support." 

Pascale Vassie, Chief Executive