Newground started working in Lancashire in 1983, delivering environmental and community programmes to regenerate local communities and improve the lives of the people that live there. 

Over the years they have increased the range of services that they offer to not only support local communities but businesses and organisations in both the public and private sector.

"Upshot has provided a really simple and effective way of tracking the successes and outcomes of our programmes. Across different regions, different funders and multiple strategic measures. I am able to report to the Charity board and to the Hull city council youth commission without duplicating any input for the staff. It is great to have the overview but drill down on a local level with the staff, where things are going well and identifying ways of improving and developing the programme. I also love the MAP feature – this comes in really useful when we are looking at our actual audience."

Emily Pearson, Sustainable Communities Programme Coordinator - Yorkshire & Humberside

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