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NICKEL SUPPORT was set up in 2012 by Elena Nicola and Nick Walsh as they had become disillusioned by the learning disability sector as a whole. They felt that people with learning disabilities deserved more and were being short changed by some of the more traditional services. It seemed that many services were just trying to get numbers through the door, with little regard for the needs of the very people they were meant to be supporting 

Nick and Elena decided to take action. They formulated a business plan, quit their jobs and started a revolution! After working for over 20 years combined in the learning disability they felt that they could use their experience and knowledge to create a unique service that offers support in a much more dynamic and powerful way. Their vision is to change the way learning disability services are run forever, offering respect and the chance for people with learning disabilities to shine. 

It was a massive gamble to take, but nearly five years later it seems to have paid off and the positive reputation of Nickel Support grows with each passing day.

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