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Social Adventures


They inspire people to change their behavior by using innovative, evidence based interventions. Their unique integrated well being pathway takes referrals from a variety of healthcare professionals to support positive change.


The Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation found that there is a £10 return for every £1 invested for the services that they are providing.

How far have they come?

They ‘spun out of NHS Salford’ to become one of the country’s first public service mutuals in 2011.

Since then they have increased turnover by four times, increased employee numbers from ten to 40 and they now offer 3 times as many services to over 1000 local members.

How they are different

They're pioneering change every day.

A social organisation, employee owned and led by business minded entrepreneurs, they are active in constantly improving the way in which public services are delivered.

Recognizing the difficulties and changes that commissioners are facing, they are pioneering new ways to address this that both meets budgetary constraints and improves the lives of the people they work with.