University of Plymouth Student's Union

University of Plymouth Students’ Union (UPSU) is an independent registered charity that seeks to represent all the students of Plymouth University. They facilitate student representation at all levels, hosting sports clubs and societies, managing campus sport facilities and providing volunteering opportunities, independent advice, entertainment, a shop, accommodation, catering and bars.

"Plymouth University were struggling to gather student data in a time saving, detailed manner. Sport England suggested Upshot and we looked into this programme for our final year of collecting data for the project. It was really easy to find out how the programme would fit our needs and it didn’t take long to set up. The staff member who came to the University was very knowledgeable and friendly, leaving us confident on how to use the programme. If we needed any further assistance it was really easy to contact someone from Upshot and they replied, resolving the problem quickly. The programme has enabled us to gather more in depth data, quicker whilst also providing services we didn’t previously have access to. The University are now looking at expanding Upshot to other areas of the University as we have found it so helpful."

Rachel Miller, Sport Development Coordinator

Read more at: www.upsu.com